Lamanai was created at the beginning of the 90's as a promotional

and sales project for Mexican folk art in the Caribbean, from Cancun to Belize. Pre-Columbian art was originally a popular creation that had a specific social function, which has perhaps disappeared through time, yet the desire of the artists that create it lingers on. Improvisation, personality, feeling, and incredible human ability are the qualities that characterize theseartists and artisans whose roots lay in Folk Art.





Throughout the years, we have been able to assemble

a good working team that has allowed us to expand

the original concept, and seek new horizons. In 1999 a

little gallery was opened on the Caribbean shoreline.

Amongst sand and palm trees, we represent folk and

contemporary artists from Mexico, Cuba and Italy.


"One must have one's feet firm, buried if necessary in native soil;

but one must also have  ones eyes, ears, and  mind open  wide, exploring the horizons."